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    You may also be interested in these products, all of which use .htaccess:
  • DirectoryPass - DirectoryPass is a very powerful, yet simple to use .htaccess management system.
  • Locked Area - Locked Area is a highly sophisticated password protection and membership management system written in Perl.
  • OpenCrypt - OpenCrypt is a fully automated and self-managing membership/user management system which is more than capable of the most complex multi-domain installations, whilst still being usable in the most simple of circumstances.

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"What are the security risks of using htaccess files to limit a page to certain users or groups? I was told I shouldn't use htaccess in case I compromise security, but how can do that when I am adding security by restricting a confidential public page to a group of colleagues? We don't have an intranet so isn't htaccess my only option?"
"Useful stuff. But it is in beginner level. Please try to create more sophisticated Advanced user tuts. Thanks for a great starter guide."
sander de boer
"Thanks. I'm a newbie at CGI/Apache. I was trying to get a script running on a web server (without any success). You really helped me out!!!"
Janos Kovacs
"This company is very reliable, and the scripts are really great. You can judge a company e.g. on the documentation they provide. In this respect this one is on the top - or somewhere there."
hakan saribiyik
"Thanx it is a good job!"

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